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What is an EMI?

STARSHIELD® MS-SS4001K+ is a conductive paint manufactured with silver flake that has high stability as conductive filler and shows high performance. It offers good atomization property for spray process and uses a mild solvent, ethanol, as solvent. It offers excellent shielding effectiveness and good adhesion to various plastic substrates and thus is used for EMI shielding of electronic devices such as mobile phone, PDA and Note PC.


  • - Sprayable 100% silver paint
  • - Effective shielding at less than 12.5㎛
  • - Mild solvent such as alcohol
  • - Excellent adhesion to most plastic substrates
  • - Excellent abrasion resistance
  • - Passes U.L requirements

01. Dried Film State Properties

Item MS-SS4001K+ Unit Measurement method
Surface resistance 0.015 Ω/□ PANAX Standard
Shield effectiveness 72 ~ 85 dB ASTM D4935
Adhesion/Cohesion 5B ASTM D3359
Abrasion Pass 300 cycles RAC abrader at 275 g

02. Paint Properties

Item MS-SS4001K+ Unit Measurement method
Solid content 42.0 ± 2.0 %  
Viscosity 10,000~35,000 cps Brookfield Viscometer #7
Specific gravity 1.38±0.05 g/cm3
Dilution ratio 1:1 (Ethanol) Vol%
Working viscosity 10~20 sec Zahn Cup #2
Drying condition 60~65℃, 30 minutes
Storage temperature 10~ 25

03. Packing unit

STARSHIELD® MS-SS4001K+ is supplied in 4ℓ steel can containing 5.0 kilograms of material.

04. Note

For comprehensive safety information, please refer to the Safety Data Sheets (SDS).
Please request SDS from Dongwha Electrolyte.

05. Safety Information

STARSHIELD® MS-SS4001K+ is complied with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive for harmful substances such as lead(Pb), mercury(Hg), cadmium(Cd), chromium(Cr), Polybrominated Biphenyl and Polybrominated Diphenylether.

06. Features

STARSHIELD® MS-SS4001K+ has good atomization property and thus suitable for spray process and offers high uniform coating surface.
Coating surface (×100)
Coating surface(×1000)
STARSHIELD® MS-SS4001K+ provides excellent EMI shielding performance in the dried film state. Resistivity of STARSHIELD® MS-SS4001K+ changes according to film thickness.