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We will repay our customers as the world's leading manufacturer of electrolyte

Dongwha Electrolyte produces electrolytes that play a decisive role in moving lithium ions from lithium secondary batteries used in portable electronic devices such as mobile phones, notebooks, PDAs, and HEV/EV/PHEV. The electrolytes manufactured by our company are applied in various forms and uses such as prismatic, cylindrical, and polymer lithium secondary battery, lithium primary battery, capacitor, etc. We provide various high-performance and high-stability electrolytes to battery-related companies.

The electrolyte for lithium secondary batteries is an ion conductor that dissolves lithium salts in high-dielectric, high-viscosity, and low-viscosity organic solvents. It must have high ionic conductivity, low freezing point, appropriate concentration of lithium salt and electrochemical stability. We are advancing toward becoming the world's best electrolyte manufacturer through various formulation applications and additive researches In order to manufacture high-performance, high-stability electrolytes.

We have been reborn as the world's leading electrolyte brand Dongwha Electrolyte StarLyte by receiving production and development technologies from Cheil Industries. We will move on to become a true global No. 1 company and repay the needs of our customers.

Excellent quality and excellent customer response ability, which are based on securing own technical skills and constantly supplementing and expanding facilities through technology development and transfer, are the main competitive edge of Dongwha Electrolyte.

Dongwha values people and nurtures happiness along with its customers.
We will improve our customers’ standard of living and reach new heights in the future through change and innovation in various business areas.