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What is a GASKET?

STARSHIELD® GS-SG6001A is a one component, electrically conductive silicone paste, cured by moisture in the air. The cured material is highly elastic and electrically conductive, and thus suitable for form-in-place gasketing application in EMI shielding. The material offers excellent shielding effectiveness and good adhesion to various conductive substrates including metallized plastics, die-cast, and metallic substrates.


  • - One component, moisture cure material
  • - Rheological stability : No metal-sedimentation during storage
  • - Short handling time of 2 hours
  • - Excellent and stable electrical conductivity
  • - Good adhesion to various conductive substrates

01. Features of solution

Features of solution GS-SG6001A & GS-SG6005A
Mixture Formulation Conductive filler Ag-Cu
Binding material RTV-1 silicone
Metal content >65%
Colour Beige
Specific gravity (ASTM D1875) 2.4±0.1
Curing Cure mechanism Moisture
Tack free time (25℃, 50% RH) 2 minutes
Handling time (25℃, 50% RH) 2 hours
95% curing time (25℃, 50% RH) 12 hours
Storage Storage condition -10 ~ 5℃
Shelf life 6 months in cartridge

02. Cured State Properties

Cured State Properties GS-SG6001A GS-SG6005A
Physical Hardness (ASTM D2240) 60 45
Compression Set (ASTM D395 Method B) 30%
Compression/Deflection* (ASTM D575) 0.8 N/cm @ 20% 0.6 N/cm @ 20%
1.8 N/cm @ 30% 1.4 N/cm @ 30%
3.6 N/cm @ 40% 2.7 N/cm @ 40%
Elongation at break (ASTM D412) 150%
Temperature range -55 ~ 125℃
Electrical Specific resistivity (MITSUBISHI /MCP-T610) 0.006 Ωcm
Shielding effectiveness (ASTM D4935) 90~100 dB

03. Packing Unit

STARSHIELD® GS-SG6001A is supplied in 300 cc sealed aluminum cartridges containing 625 grams of material.

04. Note

Comprehensive safety instructions are given in the corresponding Material Safety Data Sheets.
These are available on request from DONGWHA ELECTROLYTE CO.,LTD.

05. Features

STARSHIELD® GSSG6001A provides excellent EMI shielding performance in the cured state. STARSHIELD® GS-SG6001A is formulated to keep elastic properties of RTV-1 silicone resin. It shows excellent recovery behavior against repeated compressive deflection. Working compression ranges from 10% to 50% of the gasket height, with a recommended compression of 30%.